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18 Oct, 2018 14:44

‘Look at this f**king white guy’: Man brutally sliced in New York pizza parlor attack

‘Look at this f**king white guy’: Man brutally sliced in New York pizza parlor attack

Bronx native Chris Bilcik usually goes to Ray’s to sit down and tuck into a delicious slice of pizza, but his visit last week ended with violence, as he was brutally sliced and punched by an apparently racist attacker.

Bilcik, 59, told the New York Post that he was sitting alone in the restaurant last week when a man walked in and started into a racist diatribe.

“He starts rambling about ‘f–king white people,’ then he turns around and starts gesturing towards me about the evils of the white man, talking about how they’re the devils of the world,” Bilcik explained, “and he’s pointing at me.”

“You’re not a white man, you’re a white boy,” the suspect, who is black, said as Bilcik moved to another table. When Bilcik went to leave the restaurant, the unnamed suspect blocked the door, and sucker-punched Bilcik as he tried to pass. CCTV footage captured the attack.

Bilcik threw coffee at his assailant, who managed to land another powerful blow on the 59-year-old registered nurse. “It’s a Mike Tyson punch,” Bilcik recalled. “I’m lucky he didn’t keep hitting me.” In the scuffle, the attacker managed to slick Bilcik’s face open with a sharp object, leaving him dizzy and bloodied.

“When I got hit, I felt very dizzy. My eye was mostly closed, and I had severe double vision,” he said. “I could’ve been knocked out. Blood was gushing from it.”

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Police are still on the lookout for the suspect, who calmly strolled out of the restaurant after the assault.

As for Bilcik, he’s already had retinal surgery, and is waiting to have his broken eye socket repaired. He has vowed not to be intimidated out of eating at Ray’s, but is furious at his assailant.

“This was totally unprovoked,” he said. “I got bashed in the eye because I’m white.”

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