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Woman carrying baby leads Texas police on high-speed highway chase (VIDEO)

Woman carrying baby leads Texas police on high-speed highway chase (VIDEO)
Newly-released video shows a Texas woman leading police on a 100-mph chase and crashing her car, before attempting to flee on foot and hijack another vehicle, all while carrying a baby in a portable car seat.

In the video, shot in June but released recently by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the 29-year-old driver flees from police at high speed, reaching speeds of up to 100 miles per hour in her Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Weaving through traffic on a Texas highway, the woman narrowly misses several cars, and police roll out a spike strip to burst her tires. The spikes send the woman’s SUV careening off the highway, through the dirt and onto an access road.

Straying into oncoming traffic and with her front tire shredded, the woman doesn’t admit defeat. She blasts through an intersection before smashing into a pickup truck and wrecking her SUV.

The woman then grabs a car seat with an infant and tries to escape on foot. She runs across a busy road with the baby swinging in its carrier under her arm.

Police corner her as she attempts to hijack another SUV and approach her with weapons drawn. After setting the baby down on the sidewalk, cops pin the fugitive to the ground and end her shot at freedom.

The woman had outstanding warrants, and has now been charged with evading arrest, possession of a controlled substance, and child endangerment. Child Protective Services took the infant into care.

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