IRS payment website crashes on tax day – Russia to blame?

IRS payment website crashes on tax day – Russia to blame?
It’s that time of year that all Americans love: tax day. Fortunately, for some of those who have procrastinated all year and waited until the last moment to file their returns, the IRS payment website is down.

The Internal Revenue Service still expects Americans to cough up the cash. Just how, exactly, eager taxpayers are supposed to do that, however, is unclear. According to various pages on the IRS website, including those allowing people to make a direct payment and set up a payment plan, the “service is currently unavailable”.

The IRS stresses that they “apologize for any inconvenience.”

Just what made the IRS supercomputer crash is unclear, though at least one person is pointing the finger at, you guessed it, everybody’s favorite bogeyman since 2016: Russia.

Somewhat ironically, just last week the IRS sang praises of its “new mobile friendly website,” which, it said, would be a useful tool for those “who need last minute tax information.”

The IRS has said that it will now likely extend the filing deadline because of the glitch.

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