‘He’s no diplomat’: Code Pink protester removed from Pompeo hearing &arrested

‘He’s no diplomat’: Code Pink protester removed from Pompeo hearing &arrested
A ‘Code Pink' protester was removed from Mike Pompeo’s confirmation hearing for his new appointment as Secretary of State. She told RT that as a former diplomat she thought that Pompeo was not fit for the job.

A number of Code Pink protesters, dressed in pink, held up signs demonstrating against Trump’s choice. “No more wars, no Pompeo,” they chanted. One of the women protesting, Ann Wright, was removed from the room as she shouted, “He’s no diplomat!

Wright was handcuffed and brought to jail where she was charged with ‘blocking passage.’ She spoke to RT moments after her release. “I’m a former diplomat, I served as a diplomat for 16 years, and resigned in opposition to the war in Iraq,” Wright told RT. “So to have someone like Pompeo nominated as secretary of state is just abhorrent to me as a professional person. This is not the kind of person that we need to be representing the United States.”

Code Pink protested Pompeo over his advocacy for military intervention and his wish to dismantle the Iran nuclear deal, which they feel would “bring the US closer to war, and could destroy diplomatic talks with North Korea.”

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