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3 Nov, 2017 07:39

‘Zero collusion’: Trump says Russia probe a disgrace, many ads ‘bad’ for him

‘Zero collusion’: Trump says Russia probe a disgrace, many ads ‘bad’ for him

US President Donald Trump has called the ongoing Congress investigation into alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential election “a disgrace.” Trump added that it was a bad thing for the US itself, and lashed out at US ‘fake news’.

Democrats and Republicans in the Senate and the House had to admit that there is “no collusion,” but continue to look for it nevertheless, Trump said during his interview with Howie Carr at the White House on Thursday.

“In fact, even in all fairness with all of these investigations going on in the Senate and the House — they walk out, even the Democrats — ‘There’s no collusion but we’ll continue to look, there’s smoke, there’s no collusion but there’s — and the Republicans are coming out just saying, ‘There's just no collusion,’” he said.

“And it’s a disgrace that it can go on,” the US leader added when asked about the ongoing probe. “To be honest it’s a disgrace and it’s bad for our country.”

Meanwhile, the real “biggest” collusion is “fake media,” according to Trump, who stressed that CNN, NBC and CBS are doing “dishonest reporting.”

“That really is the collusion, really that is the fake news, that is something [that] set a level nobody has seen before,” Trump said.
Speaking about Facebook findings on Russia-linked ads, Trump said that they were a “strange thing” as “it’s not even ads that pertain to what we’re talking about."

“A lot of the ads, if you look at them and study them, it’s actually bad for me,” the president said adding that there was “zero collusion.”