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10 Aug, 2017 01:34

Giant, inflatable ‘Trump chicken’ roosts behind White House

Giant, inflatable ‘Trump chicken’ roosts behind White House

The White House received an unexpected visitor in the form of a 23-foot-tall inflatable chicken made to resemble President Donald Trump. The owner said he placed it behind the White House to egg the president into releasing his tax returns.

An inflatable chicken with golden hair, an angry expression and claw gestures made to resemble the president, was erected on the Ellipse, an area behind 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that is open to the public.

Taran Singh Brar, a 31-year-old documentary filmmaker and organizer, reportedly spent $1,300 on the puffy poultry to mock Trump for being “too chicken” to release his tax returns.

Brar told RT’s Alex Rubenstein that he hatched the plan to bring his “chicken Don” to DC in March.

“The main message that we are saying is the president is a weak and ineffective leader - like a chicken,” Brar told RT. “He’s afraid to release his tax returns, afraid to stand up to Vladimir Putin, and playing a game of chicken with North Korea that’s very destabilizing to the world.”

The inflatable chicken seems to be modeled after a 23-foot statue outside a mall in the Chinese city of Taiyuan. The statue was erected to celebrate the Year of the Rooster shortly before Trump’s inauguration when US-Sino relations were at a low point.

The same inflatable chicken has also been seen at Tax Day March events across the county. Similar models can be purchased on eBay for $500.

Although Trump is currently on vacation at his New Jersey golf resort for 17 days, and will not be able to see the chicken staring him down in the Oval Office, Twitter mused about the crowds who flocked to take photos.