‘Mail my body to Paul Ryan's house’: Ashes of protesters could be sent to ‘TrumpCare’ backers

‘Mail my body to Paul Ryan's house’: Ashes of protesters could be sent to ‘TrumpCare’ backers
Protesters can argue for their beliefs from beyond the grave thanks to the ingenuity of a college junior. Zoey Jordan Salsbury is offering those unhappy with the latest Republican health-care bill the chance to send their ashes to members of Congress.

Mail Me to the GOP is the result of a desire expressed on Twitter by writer Nicole Silverberg to “mail my body to Paul Ryan's house” in the event she died because of “TrumpCare,” a term used to describe Donald Trump’s healthcare bill.

Salsbury made Silverberg’s wish a viable reality, creating a website that will help her do just that.

“Right now I want to concentrate on making sure this bill dies in the Senate, instead of us dying,” Salsbury told Snopes, who verified that her morbid plan would be possible.

The 20-year-old student at American University won’t, herself, mail the ashes to a Republican chosen by the deceased – but will instead consult with an estate planner to help write it into the wills of those wishing to avail of the service.

Speaking to The Washington Post she advised that the packages should be sent to district offices instead of the Capitol building, where they’re likely to be stopped because of their history with “weird powders.”

Salsbury said she’s had more than 1,100 submissions on the website already, at one point causing it to crash temporarily. “I’m sure there are a few trolls in there, but from what I’ve scrolled through and seen most are genuine.”

She has been publishing testimonials on the site from people upset by the new healthcare bill, in a section titled “Reasons Why We Will Die.”

“Because I have cancer which is a pre-existing condition as per the new bill. You are murderers. Every one of you that voted to repeal ACA. I hope you too have to choose between death and going into debt one day soon,” reads one of the 50 reasons published so far.

Those wishing to send their ashes to Paul Ryan can legally do so. The United States Postal Service does not restrict the mailing of cremated remains, as long as they are a padded package containing inner and outer containers.

Salsbury warned TrumpCare voters to expect to “receive a lot of envelopes full of the ashes of the people you've killed.”