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Murder-suicide leaves 2 dead in shooting at North Lake College, Texas - police (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Murder-suicide leaves 2 dead in shooting at North Lake College, Texas - police (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)
Police are investigating an alleged murder-suicide at North Lake College, northwest of Dallas, Texas, after a gunman killed one unidentified person before turning the gun on himself.

“We have what appears to be one victim deceased & the shooter has committed suicide,” Irving Police tweeted. “There appears to be no continuing threat but police will continue to search to make the campus safe.”

Irving Police confirmed three shots were fired on the campus just before noon, local time, according to media reports.

The college had been on “intruder lockdown,” and those who were not on campus were advised to stay away.  North Lake College later tweeted, however, that the “Campus is closed for the remainder of the day.”

“All students, staff, visitors outside the campus must leave the perimeter,” the college said.

According to the Irving Independent School District, nearby schools, Singley Academy and MacArthur High School were also on lockdown as a precaution.

Video taken from inside the campus shows a number of armed officers searching the grounds. The video was recorded by a student at the university, who shared it with her friends via Viber to alert them to events.

One of her friends, Ujjwal Singh, shared the video on social media, with the permission of his student friend present on the campus who wished to remain anonymous.

RT spoke directly with Singh, after verifying the the video as original content, and got permission to use the footage.

CBS DFW reported police said a white male with a buzz cut and wearing an orange tank top was seen on surveillance video with a handgun.

Footage from the scene shows rows of students being evacuated from buildings with their hands behind their heads.

Another video, verified by RT through its Twitter geolocation on the college campus, shows students being evacuated through corridors by armed police.