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7 Apr, 2017 14:26

‘Another Neo-Con puppet’: Trump’s former backers jump ship after Syria airstrike

‘Another Neo-Con puppet’: Trump’s former backers jump ship after Syria airstrike

Once-dedicated passengers are now disembarking the ‘Trump Train’ following his administration’s actions against Syria. Previous supporters including Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Ingraham made public their opposition to the US president’s missile strike.

Infowars Editor-At-Large Watson tweeted that Donald Trump “wasn’t 'Putin’s puppet' after all,” describing him as “another deep state/Neo-Con puppet.” Watson said he would be turning his efforts instead to French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

Radio host Laura Ingraham, who spoke at last year’s Republican National Convention in support of Trump, tweeted following the strike on Syria that the president had made a complete policy change in 48 hours.

She also shared a story that claimed the strike would fail to prevent any future attacks from Syrian president Bashar Assad.

Lawyer and filmmaker Mike Cernovich, once a vocal supporter of Trump online, tweeted that Trump supporters do not want war with Syria

Another prominent Trump supporter, Tim Treadstone, known as Baked Alaska, tweeted that despite being a supporter of the president his latest actions were not supported by “Real Trump Supporters.”

Trump has also been accused of hypocrisy for his decision to participate in an action which could result in the displacement of Syrians but not to accept them as refugees, as pointed out by many users on Twitter.

Reactions from around the globe were shared on Twitter as details of the actions in Syria develop.