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#NoDAPL protest & #March4Trump rallies meet outside Trump Tower (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

#NoDAPL protest & #March4Trump rallies meet outside Trump Tower (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Demonstrations for and against the policies of US President Donald Trump crossed paths outside Trump Tower in New York City on Saturday afternoon.

A protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) gathered outside the New York Public Library at 1pm on Saturday where activists made speeches and said prayers before marching to Trump Tower.

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe have long rallied against the multi-billion dollar pipeline. The project was shelved during the Obama administration, but restarted after President Trump signed an executive order to fast track it shortly after he took office.

The marchers were escorted by a heavy police presence as it made its way through the streets of New York.

Meanwhile, “March4Trump” rallies to support the president were also organized to take place in cities around America. Two of the larger events saw supporters gather at the Washington monument in the nation’s capital and outside Trump Tower in New York city.

Supporters stood for hours outside Trump Tower despite the temperature barely getting above a chilly 30 degrees fahrenheit. The supporters repeatedly chanted “Eight more years”, “NYPD” and “America first”.

The pro-Trump rally quietened down just as the Standing Rock protest arrived outside Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. Police used barriers to usher them across the street from Trump’s supporters. Several NYPD vehicles blocked the road.

The anti-DAPL activists chanted "Water is life" and "this is what democracy looks like" outside the president's landmark building. Organizers told RT’s Alexander Rubinstein that four activists were arrested during the march.

The March4Trump gathering in Denver, Colorado, drew a counter protest where demonstrators chanted anti-Trump slogans and held signs with slogans criticizing the president. The two groups were separated by a heavy police contingent.

The DAPL is designed to transport oil from northwest North Dakota to Illinois, passing through the states of South Dakota and Iowa. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota say the project passes through sacred Native American land and threatens their primary source of drinking water.
A “Rise with Standing Rock” march on Washington to also protest the DAPL is scheduled to take place on Friday, March 10. The event has been widely publicized on social media gaining thousands of shares.