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3 Feb, 2017 03:43

‘Surreal moment’: 7yo finds bank robber’s stash in South Carolina

‘Surreal moment’: 7yo finds bank robber’s stash in South Carolina

A seven-year-old boy made an amazing discovery after uncovering a bag full of cash in a South Carolina gas station bin that could help catch an elusive serial bank robber.

Griffin Steele and his father were on their way to a toy store when they stopped at a gas station in Horry County. As they walked toward the store, Griffin found a $20 note with red dye on it on the ground.

“He handed the twenty to me and it didn’t look quite right,” Shane told MyHorryNews. “It was red and just didn’t feel right so I had the clerk check to see if it was real. She said it was okay.”

It was only when Griffin was putting rubbish in one of the station’s bins that he then noticed “a ton of money.”

“I’d never seen that much money before,” he said. “And it was all covered in red stuff.”

Shane called the police as soon as Griffin told him about the cash. “It was a surreal moment,” he said. “That will probably never happen again in my lifetime, finding that much money.”

The police told them the money came from one of two recent local bank robberies at Conway National Bank and TD Bank that took place within a week of each other. Police also received a call about money with red dye found on Glenns Bay Road earlier that day.

Brian Wilson Humphreys Jr is the suspect in both robberies and remains on the run. According to police reports, a dye pack detonated inside the bag of money after Humphreys fled the scene of the TD Bank robbery.