Six reported injured in Ohio power plant explosion

Six reported injured in Ohio power plant explosion
Six people have been reportedly injured in an explosion at a power plant in Adams County, Ohio.

The blast took place at JM Stuart Generating Station, a four-unit coal-fired power plant, at around 1pm local time, reported the Environmental Protection Agency as saying.

None of the injuries are life-threatening, Adams County Sheriff Kimmy Rogers said, reported. However, medical helicopters have been dispatched to the area.

Paramedics have treated six people for non-life threatening injuries, the plant said in a Twitter post.

There are at least 300 employees at the plant. The explosion reportedly occurred in Unit 1 of the plant, which stores equipment. It also has a turbine generator which could be one of the possible sources of the explosion, officials say.

This is the second explosion at a plant in the Tri-State area today. At around 11am local time a sugar silo exploded at a Perfetti Van Melle plant in Erlanger, Kentucky. There were no reports of injuries.