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24 Dec, 2016 03:27

'I got a lot of problems with you': Rand Paul flames Trump, media, waste in Festivus celebration

'I got a lot of problems with you': Rand Paul flames Trump, media, waste in Festivus celebration

Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) took to Twitter to celebrate the fictitious holiday of Festivus by airing his grievances against President-elect Donald Trump, wasteful spending, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), the media and virtually everyone else in Washington, DC that he could think of.

Festivus is a holiday concocted by TV sitcom Seinfeld character Frank Costanza as an alternative to the other winter holidays. Senator Paul honored one of the main tenets of the holiday, known as the “Airing of Grievances,” telling the twittersphere, “I got a lot of problems with you and now you’re gonna hear about them!

Paul started circulating his gripes with the fake news that plagued the presidential election, calling out NBC News’s Brian Williams for his reporting on the Iraq War.

The US senator then took a jab at the incoming administration, including Trump’s pick for the Department of Energy, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who famously couldn’t remember the department, which he wanted to abolish while campaigning for president in 2012.

But Paul wasn’t done – the former presidential candidate denounced several government programs for wasteful spending. This included $1.25 million to produce a superhero cartoon in Pakistan, $30,000 to study Ugandan gambling practices, and a grant from the National Park Service to study “Knowledge, Experience and Beliefs of the Supernatural Environment.”

Things became confusing when Paul went into sports analogies and said, “for those who think @WWE is real, I'm very sorry Bernie Sanders lost.

But after a few hours, he got back into the game of calling the president-elect out on his cabinet picks, calling it a reality show:

Finally and ironically, Paul ended his Festivus rant with a note on the war on Christmas.