‘Direct attack’: Unknown suspect fires at sheriff’s office in WA

‘Direct attack’: Unknown suspect fires at sheriff’s office in WA
A county sheriff’s office in Washington state fell under fire, setting off a hunt for a suspect, who managed to flee after firing five shots. Officials said it was “a direct attack” on deputies.

The shooter’s bullets hit Pierce County Sheriff’s Office in the Bonney Lake neighborhood Saturday evening, when two deputies were inside the building. Shots were fired directly at the building from less than 100 feet away.

Officials believe that the suspect, who is yet to be identified, knew that there were people inside the office. At the time of the attack, three patrol vehicles were parked behind the fence.

It is now believed that the suspect, or possibly a group of people, parked a vehicle and then walked into the parking lot, KIRO 7 news reported.

“This crime is a direct attack on our deputies,” Sheriff Paul Pastor said in a statement. “But it is also an attack on the entire community. If you attack the people who keep citizens safe, you attack the foundation of safety in the community. Whatever the motivation for this action, it is dangerous and it is flat unacceptable. If someone has the twisted idea that this is an opportune time to strike out at law enforcement, they will learn that they are sorely mistaken.”

The office is now looking for tips that would lead to capture of those behind the shooting and is offering a $1,000 for any helpful information.