'Curious kids & loaded guns': 4yo accidentally shoots mother in Indianapolis

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A 4-year-old child accidentally shot herself and her mother in Indianapolis, Indiana. The 25 year-old mother was shot in the back of the head and is being treated in hospital.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed on Sunday that an adult and child were shot. They added that there was “no immediate threat to the community.”

It was initially reported that there was a third child involved in the shooting but it's now understood one child took the gun from a nightstand and accidentally shot herself and her mother in the process.

Both were taken to hospital for treatment following the incident.

Police later tweeted, "PARENTS: curious kids and loaded guns have deadly consequences. Please secure your firearms and store out of reach from your little ones."

The shooting took place in a residential area, on 1600 block of East 44th Street, at around 8:30 am EST, according to Fox59.