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11 Nov, 2016 09:09

Vandalized cars, smashed windows: Anti-Trump protest in Portland proclaimed ‘riot’ (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

At least 26 people have been arrested during anti-Trump protests in Portland, Oregon, police say, adding that officers deployed pepper spray as well as “rubber ball distraction devices” to disperse the rally.

The demonstration against President-Elect Donald Trump has gathered for yet another night in the Pacific Northwest city.

"We are the MAJORITY" #downtownPDX #portland #PDX #protest #march #2016election #day3

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Some 4,000 people started their protest at Pioneer Courthouse Square and moved to northeast Portland, according to The Oregonian daily. Police on Twitter wrote that protesters were preparing “gas and flares” and were “arming themselves with rocks from construction site.”

The demonstration heavily interrupted traffic in the city as protesters moved across other major roadways, local media reported.

They were shooting just to make action happen wtf?! #portland #portlandoregon #bigcity #downtown #riot #police

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“Crowd throwing projectiles at police. Significant damage to area car lot,” police said.

Portland police called the protest “a riot,” citing its “extensive criminal and dangerous behavior.” At least 19 cars at Toyota of Portland were vandalized, a sales manager told the paper. Later police reported of new cases of vandalism in the city. Photos on social media showed the smashed windows of local shops.

Portland activist Greg McKelvey said Thursday that several human rights groups in the city would be working together under the new name, Portland’s Resistance. 

“In order to survive President Trump there needs to be a strong resistance. Our group believes that Portland has an opportunity to become a beacon of light for the rest of the nation,” McKelvey wrote in a press release on Facebook. The group has scooped over 3,000 likes so far.

Echoing chants denouncing Trump's election at tonight's #notmypresident #portland protest. 3/5 #pdxresistance #theresistance

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“After several orders to disperse, police have used less lethal munitions to effect arrests and move the crowd. Officers still taking projectiles,” police tweeted.

Thousands of people have been out in the streets across the US, since Trump won the 2016 presidential race with 290 electoral votes November 8, leaving Hillary Clinton officially behind, although she won the popular vote.

Chanting anti-Trump slogans, such as “not my president” or “we reject president-elect,” people have been occupying streets in cities from California to New York, expressing their displeasure at the presidential race’s outcome.

READ MORE: Trump denounces ‘media-incited’ protesters in angry Twitter post

Following demonstrations, Trump took to Twitter on Thursday, lashing out at “professional” protesters, who have been rallying against his election since Wednesday.

“Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!” Trump wrote in a tweet.

Following her defeat Clinton conceded to Trump, saying that “we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.”

“This loss hurts,” she added. “But please never stop believing that the fight for what’s right is worth it.”