Musk teases ‘unexpected’ new Tesla product with cryptic tweet

Musk teases ‘unexpected’ new Tesla product with cryptic tweet
The internet rumor mill has been cranked up to the max after billionaire businessman Elon Musk let slip about an “unexpected” new Tesla product launch for October.

Last month, the technology tycoon outlined his SpaceX dream to make humans “a multi-planetary species” and build a civilization on Mars. 

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But not content with focusing on the goal to help colonize the Red Planet, Musk appears to be ready to spring a surprise on the motor industry with a Tesla product unveiling on October 17.

Musk teased fans of his electric car company in a tweet on Sunday, which was scant on details but explained that the creation will be “unexpected by most.”

The news has resulted in an internet guessing game, with some people speculating whether it is the Tesla “snake” charger - which featured in a company promo last year. 

Other online suggestions range from the conceivable – a pickup truck, self-driving garbage truck and motorcycle – to the ridiculous, such as a “monorail for Springfield,”“Batmobile” and Tesla “sexbot.”

Such is Musk’s penchant for thinking outside the box, there is no way to be sure what the 45-year-old PayPal founder has cooked up for the previously unannounced launch date.

In his Master Plan: Part Deux, published in July, Musk revealed his desire to build a “compact SUV” and a “new kind of pickup truck.”

He also outlined his idea that Tesla self-driving vehicles could become part of a new car share app, where owners lease out their rides when not in use.

It’s suggested the unveiling might also be related to a “big event” regarding the forthcoming Model 3 vehicle, which at $35,000 will be the company’s “most affordable car yet,” according to Tesla.

The car, which will come with an autopilot feature, is not expected to be officially market ready until “late 2017.”

An additional October 28 event will involve SolarCity, an energy company, which was the subject of a yet-to-be-finalized $2.6 billion merger with Tesla earlier this year.

The solar panel company has been seen as key to facilitating Tesla’s move to harness the sun’s rays in its automobiles.