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4 Oct, 2016 11:46

Bill Clinton paternity saga: Prostitute’s son wants DNA test

Bill Clinton paternity saga: Prostitute’s son wants DNA test

The son of a former prostitute has renewed calls for Bill Clinton to take a paternity test, claiming the former president is his father. Danney Williams says he’s the love-child of Clinton from his time as state governor of Arkansas.

Williams, 30, who goes by the name Danney Williams-Clinton, claims his mother Bobbie Ann Williams met Clinton in 1984 and began a relationship with him after the then-governor paid her $200 to have sex with her behind some bushes in a Little Rock housing project.

The relationship continued and a year later his mother was pregnant, claims Williams. When his mother told Clinton he was the father he allegedly laughed and said: “Girl, that can’t be my baby.”

When he was born his mother believed he was Clinton’s son as he had a light skin tone, with Clinton being her only white client.

"All I want to do is shake my father's hand. I have requested a DNA test," Williams wrote on a Facebook page, understood to have been set up by Williams in December 2015.

On the page, Williams renews his calls for a paternity test and has also posted pictures of himself alongside Clinton. He also says he would like to have a relationship with Chelsea Clinton, whom he calls his half-sister.

Shortly after his birth his mother was imprisoned, leaving Williams to be raised by his aunt, Lucille Bolton. He claims she took him to Hillary Clinton who slammed the door in their face, cutting him off from his alleged father.

Williams’ claims surfaced previously, in 1992, but quickly disappeared after a 1999 paternity test carried out by Star Magazine failed to prove Clinton was his father. The test allegedly used a sample of Clinton’s DNA taken from Monica Lewinsky’s dress, along with samples from Williams and his mother.

The renewed calls shine a spotlight on the authenticity of this test with Williams questioning how a tabloid publication could have accessed DNA samples possessed by the Department of Justice.

Slate wrote in 1999 that the test was indeed authentic. Its result, however, was deemed “suggestive but not conclusive.”

“President Clinton is only 20 to 30 times more likely than a random Caucasian male to be Danny Williams' father,” according to Slate, “The legal threshold is 100.”