‘2016 election, what the f**k is going on?' - Redacted Tonight's take on the presidential debates

‘2016 election, what the f**k is going on?' - Redacted Tonight's take on the presidential debates
Yeah, we all heard what Hill and Don said during the debates, and their supporters repeated their prepared lines answering the classic talking points. Redacted Tonight’s John F. Donnell showed what happens when you catch a politician off guard.

In his comedy segment this week, O’Donnell wanted answers to questions he wish had been asked or responses to things he wish had been said. 

Remember when Hillary Clinton promised to ban fracking and go to complete renewables by 2030? You don’t because it didn’t happen, but that didn’t stop Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) from having to carefully calculate an answer when John F. O’Donnell told him she said as much. O’Donnell asked Representative Peter King (R-NY), “People are saying that the bar was so low for Trump that if he just didn’t use the N-word, he would win this debate. Can you speak to that?

When Trump approached reporters after the event to tell them what a great job he did, O’Donnell asked: “What would you say to people who say that you never wanted to become president, it’s just a publicity stunt? What would you say to people that all you had to do was not use the N-word on tonight’s debate in order to win?

Trump offered no comment.

The debate also offered John F. O’Donnell the opportunity to confront a demon from his mania-induced nightmares: Karl Rove. At first, Rove just loomed off in the distance. When O’Donnell tried to talk to him later, Democratic National Committee Interim Chairperson Donna Brazile decided to be a goalie and keep distance between O’Donnell and Rove.

I don’t think he should be answering any questions that might in any way impede our election,” Brazile said. “So the head of the DNC is also Karl Rove’s publicist?” O’Donnell asked. “Oh just for the day, just for now,” Brazile responded. “re”

Given the current allegations against the DNC, which include pay-to-play schemes, that joke might not have been the best one to make.