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29 Sep, 2016 06:36

‘Another Aleppo moment’: Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson can’t name foreign leader he admires

‘Another Aleppo moment’: Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson can’t name foreign leader he admires

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson could not name a foreign leader he admires, when asked during a televised town hall meeting.

On Wednesday, Johnson and his running mate Bill Weld were being interviewed by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who posed the question: “Who’s your favorite foreign leader?”

“Anyone, in any country, name the one foreign leader that you respect and look up to. Anybody,” the journalist added.

There was a tense pause.

Weld then decided to help the struggle and said, “Mine was Shimon Perez.”

Matthews, however, insisted that Johnson answer the question.

“You gotta do this. Anywhere. Any continent. Canada, Mexico, Europe over there, Asia, South America, Africa – name a foreign leader that you respect.”

After yet another tense pause, Johnson said, “I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment,” and then said, “The former president of Mexico.”

“Which one?” the journalist inquired.

Weld finally helped Johnson out, saying, “Fox,” referring to Vicente Fox, who has recently voiced his opposition to Trump’s plan to build a wall on the border between the US and Mexico.

It is not Jonhson’s first gaffe this month: about three weeks ago, he was asked what he would do about Aleppo if he becomes president.

A truly surreal dialogue followed.

“About Aleppo. And what is Aleppo?” he responded.

“You’re kidding?” was the reaction of the MSNBC reporter.

“No,” Johnson said.

The reporter then went on to explain that “Aleppo is in Syria… It’s the epicenter of the refugee crisis.”