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22 Sep, 2016 00:17

'Leave those kids alone': Cop trolled live on Facebook for stopping black children (VIDEO)

'Leave those kids alone': Cop trolled live on Facebook for stopping black children (VIDEO)

A Facebook Live video posted by an angry bystander in Delaware who witnessed a white cop stop and question three children has clocked up almost 3 million views and sparked yet another debate around racism in law enforcement.

The heated video shows a police officer standing with three young boys, taking details of their names and dates of birth.

The children, who are on bikes, answer politely as the man recording the video, Damieon Flowers, warns them to say nothing until their mom comes.

The kids cycle on as the confrontation heats up between Flowers and the officer.

The cop defends his actions by saying there were serious problems reported in the area involving juveniles. Flowers tells him to catch the perpetrators and “leave them children alone” to which the cop responds, “but they are juveniles.”

Flowers was evidently angry, swearing aggressively in the video in the presence of the police and getting even more irate after they left the scene.

“I was about to hit him, got so much sh*t inside of me man, leave them kids alone mother f**cker, f**k with me,” he told the camera.

Flowers admitted in a Facebook comment under his video that his emotions took over and said that at no time was he going to attack the officer. He claims he has received death threats since posting the video.

His intervention has won praise online from members of the African American community who commended him for taking a stand.

Among them was a woman who said she was the mother of one of the boys involved in the incident.

The incident comes at a time of heightened racial tensions between the African American community and law enforcement in the US.

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Protests have erupted after two black men were shot dead by police in separate instances in recent days.

Video footage confirmed Terence Crutcher was unarmed when he was shot dead by an officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Friday.

Keith Lamont Scott was shot by an officer in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday. Police said he had a gun and refused to drop it, however Scott’s family insisted he had no weapon but was carrying a book.