Clinton bought old BlackBerrys on eBay – top Republican congressman

Clinton bought old BlackBerrys on eBay – top Republican congressman
Hillary Clinton bought used BlackBerry phones on eBay, as she preferred the older versions of the device, creating a massive security risk, according to Republican Congressmen and House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz.

“I don’t want to get into this too much, but part of what was happening with the secretary of state was, she was acquiring technology that wasn’t even supported by BlackBerry,” the House Oversight chairman said in Washington, DC on Wednesday, according to the Washington Examiner.

This was a serious “vulnerability,” according to Chaffetz.

“We have a huge problem with personnel,” he said. “She was actually buying this stuff off of eBay because somebody was selling their old machine. That's what she liked, so she did.”

Chaffetz, who is leading a congressional investigation into Clinton, spoke a week after the FBI released new details in its own investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server for classified communications.

Of the 13 devices used over four years, there were eight BlackBerry devices. Clinton had first requested that the NSA custom-build her one like they did for President Barack Obama, but they refused, so she used her own BlackBerry.

According to the FBI report, she would often lose her device.

Clinton’s aide apparently used a hammer to destroy the ones she was no longer using, according to the FBI.

The aide remembers two phones he broke in half or hit with a hammer. He was also the person who set up Clinton’s email domain. He had neither the clearance nor the computer security expertise to handle any of these matters, according to people briefed on the setup, the Washington Post reported.

Whenever Clinton switched to a new device, she often had aides change her SIM cards for her. Clinton kept maintaining she did not remember receiving training on how to handle classified information, and believes no one was ever worried about her using a private server to handle government emails.

None of the BlackBerrys were provided to the FBI in the course of their investigation, according to the New York Post.

The FBI says it will not pursue a second investigation, but Chaffetz appears intent on seeing things through, especially as conservative watchdog Judicial Watch believes her Benghazi cover-up to be “as plain as day,” given their view that Clinton or her aides deleted material from her devices pertaining to the attack in Benghazi.