3 bears raid Goldilocks' house searching for AC?

3 bears raid Goldilocks' house searching for AC?
It must be unbearably hot in California, because a mama bear and her two cubs had to take a dip to cool off. While they don’t own the pools that they splashed around in, they certainly made themselves at home – literally.

The heat in Pasadena has been getting to some residents, especially the ones covered in fur.

Perhaps that’s why a black bear and her two cubs wandered through a neighborhood to swim in pools. When they wanted a snack, they moved to dumpsters, and one clumsy cub bumped into a glass door, shattering it.

It’s not unusual at all to see bear activity,” Andrew Hughan, a spokesman for the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife, told the Los Angeles Times. “But it’s unusual to have them in the pool.

One resident beared witness, chasing the fuzzy family away earlier in the day before realizing they’d returned when he heard splashing coming from his pool.

“I yelled at them and they were in no hurry to leave,” Danny Brimecombe told the Times. “They were not afraid. I got them out of the yard, but they got separated and one was screaming and yelling for the other one and I got nervous. I didn’t know if the mother was around or if she’d left.

The three bears continued their adventure and went into two more backyards and at least one more pool until a brave beagle chased them away.

Representatives of the sheriff’s department told the Times that no one was injured and that they hope the bears can lay low until after dark. However, this wasn’t the first nor will it be the last time the bears journey through the neighborhood.

It’s kind of a regular thing,” Sheriff’s Sgt. Keith Gibbons said. “They go through the trash and stuff when it’s trash day.