Michigan mall robbery causes panic evacuation amid fears of ‘active shooter’ (VIDEOS)

© nnck_0rzel
A smash-and-grab robbery at a mall in Novi, Michigan was initially thought to have involved a shooting, causing chaos and panic among Saturday shoppers.

Multiple eyewitnesses at Twelve Oaks Mall reported hearing gunshots, prompting fears of an active shooter situation. 

Videos of panicked shoppers fleeing the mall and a heavy presence of law enforcement were posted online. 

However, it is now believed that three males smashed a jewelry store stand with a hammer, triggering a noise that sounded like gunfire, before making off with an unknown number of items. 

Police say that no shots were fired, but it is not yet known if the robbers were armed, according to Detroit Free Press.

The mall remains on lockdown and as of 7pm police are still searching the building for two of the suspects.