Donald ‘Loose Lips’ Trump to receive first classified briefing at FBI field office

Donald ‘Loose Lips’ Trump to receive first classified briefing at FBI field office
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is to receive his first classified briefing Wednesday in New York, which means the world should know all of America’s secrets in a few days given the billionaire’s reputation for spilling the beans.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who is now leading Trump’s transition team, and retired Lt Gen Michael Flynn, a former defense intelligence agency director, will be with Trump to learn about what America considers to be “threats” and emerging global concerns, according to sources close to ABC.

The meeting comes two days after VP Joe Biden said he has never known any party nominee to be “less prepared to deal with our national security than Donald Trump.”

Speaking at a rally for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Scranton, PA, Biden said Trump was not qualified to have the nuclear codes and then proceeded to point out where they were, gesturing to “a guy that follows me right back here”.

Top-secret information can be discussed at the briefing, but sensitive secrets including sources, methods, and operations are not expected to be included.

Clinton is also expected to attend a classified briefing in the coming weeks, but no word on whether she will share the details with close friends via her private email server.

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The two major candidates are expected to receive two or three classified briefings before Election Day. It is not known when or if Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson or Green nominee Jill Stein will be briefed.

The FBI are currently under pressure to reopen an investigation into Clinton’s email scandal while serving as secretary of state.

Lt Gen Flynn shares Trump’s Islamophobic views on immigration and once tweeted “Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL” alongside a video of terrorist attacks.

Earlier this year he published the book The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies.

Career staffers from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) are expected to lead the briefing.

Beyond providing a secure room for the briefing to take place, the FBI will have no further role, a source told ABC.

DNI Director James Clapper said they have no concerns in briefing both candidates and said the meetings are a long-standing tradition dating back more than 60 years.

"It's not up to the administration and certainly not up to me personally to decide on the suitability of a presidential candidate,” Clapper said at a security forum in Colorado last month.

“The American electorate is in the process of deciding the suitability of these two candidates to serve as commander-in-chief, and they will make that decision, to pick someone who will be cleared for everything," he said.