Police confirm Korryn Gaines’ 5-yo son’s claim: He was shot by police

Police confirm Korryn Gaines’ 5-yo son’s claim: He was shot by police
Baltimore County Police have confirmed that the injuries sustained by Korryn Gaines’ son, Kodi, were from police fire. The five-year-old sustained non-life threatening injuries after his mother became involved in a standoff with police.

There are three parties that know what happened during the Monday standoff with police that left Korryn Gaines dead: Korryn, who for obvious reasons can’t speak for herself, the police officers involved, and her five-year-old son, Kodi.

A video recorded by Gaines’ cousin shows Kodi in hospital, where he has remained since Monday. While police have claimed they did not know whether they were responsible for the injuries to his cheek and arm, Kodi told a very different story.

Kodi claimed that moments before the shooting, “my mother said back off, so the police said please back up, and then they started shooting,” adding, “and then the police just took me… they saw me run and they hurt my arm.

Gaines’ cousin asked if it was on purpose, and he said, “yes. The end.

On Friday, the Baltimore County Police Department released a statement, saying they “believe that a round fired by a tactical officer struck Kodi Gaines.

They doubled down on the claim that Korryn pointed a gun at them, saying, “police confirm that the officer aimed at and struck Korryn Gaines…after she aimed her Mossberg shotgun at him and threatened to kill him.

Police have also confirmed that they fired at Gaines first.