US media fawns over Obama in rush to celebrate president’s birthday

File photo © Krishnendu Halder
American news organizations are tripping over themselves to wish Barack Obama ‘bon anniversaire’ on his 55th birthday.

It’s not the first time US media has swooned over the 44th president, but this year, birthday ‘coverage’ has been especially enthusiastic about Obama, with articles ranging from how cool Obama is on camera to galleries of him holding small children. 

In a Mashable piece referring to Obama’s extraordinary aging process, the author surmises that “you can’t blame us for wishing Barack Obama was our dad sometimes.” 

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Even Politico, which last year wrote an article about the rise and fall of the ‘Obama media romance’, has gathered “55 photos of Barack Obama on his 55th Birthday”, while Twitter put together a Moments list centered on the issue.

While pro-Obama media bias may not be what it was during the heady days of his 2008 presidential campaign, there’s no denying that he clearly occupies a special place in many journalists’ hearts. 

You can’t help but wonder how these media outlets will be reporting Putin’s birthday…