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VP nominee Tim Kaine tests out comedic talent in anti-Trump DNC speech

VP nominee Tim Kaine tests out comedic talent in anti-Trump DNC speech
In formally accepting the nomination to be Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate, Senator Tim Kaine showed off his comedic chops by impersonating Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention.

The junior US senator from Virginia is fast-becoming a household name, and many Americans watching him speak for the first time on Wednesday night will no doubt remember the address for its more humorous parts.

Following a strong statement explaining why he trusted Hillary Clinton “with our son’s life,” Kaine turned to her opponent.

“You know who I don’t trust?” he teased the crowd. “Hm, I wonder. Donald Trump!”

Kaine pointed out two words that Trump often relies upon, and in his best impersonation of the billionaire businessman, Kaine repeated them in a mocking tone.

“Believe me. Believe me,” he bellowed.

“We’re gonna destroy ISIS, believe me,” he continued to the convention’s delight. “There’s nothing suspicious in my tax returns, believe me.”

“Hey Donald,” Kaine said, returning to his own voice, “What are ya hidin’?”

The Democratic nominee for vice president then asked his audience, “Do you really believe him?”

“No!” they shouted.

Kaine also won the crowd over by breaking out in Spanish multiple times during the speech. From recounting his time as a Jesuit missionary in Honduras as a high school student, to joining in chants of “Si se puede,” to lauding his running mate as “lista,” or ready.

In another highlight, Kaine paid tribute to Bernie Sanders' supporters.

“We all should ‘feel the Bern,’” he said, “and we should all not want to get burned by the other guy.”

Sanders was seen applauding with a closed smile.

Inadvertently, another of the funnier moments came at the end, when Kaine left the podium to greet his supporters, only to be blocked by Secret Service agents.