Motorcyclist arrested after bragging about fleeing police on Facebook

Motorcyclist arrested after bragging about fleeing police on Facebook
A Detroit motorcyclist clearly did not expect to be arrested when he went on Facebook to brag about eluding police in a high-speed chase. Yet his post was a big help for law enforcement, and the man is now expected to appear in court.

Michael Thomas Brown attracted the attention of police on July 2, when Lake Orion officer Brian Martinez saw him “performing a loud and aggressive brake torque in the street in a reckless manner” outside the Sagebrush Cantina restaurant in Lake Orion, Michigan, according to Detroit Free Press.

In a CCTV video, Brown, 33, is seen sitting on his motorcycle, “burning rubber” as a police car with emergency lights pulls up. Brown, however, does not scare easy. He hit the gas, speeding off at speeds reaching 140 miles per hour down South Broadway Street, leading Martinez on a chase.

Police gave up the pursuit a half-mile after losing sight of Brown, only to accidentally stumble upon the not-so-modest violator on Facebook.

After outrunning the police, Brown had gone online to share the joy of his apparent victory. He publicly bragged about going “140 in a 35 mph” zone and disappearing in 45 seconds.

“I showed up some hardleys at the bar in orion they made noise I took it a step beyond cop seen me put his car right at my foot. Flicked his lights as soon as I heard his car hit park I dropped into gear and disappeared 45 sec. Chase. 140 in a 35mph.” Brown posted, adding hashtags #ftp, #nojailthisweekend and #everyonelovedit, according to WXYZ.

It was not long before Lake Orion police got to respond to Brown on its Facebook.

“The single most dangerous thing most folks will do each day is get behind the wheel of a car. People who flee police, put all of us at risk. When the lights come on, a motorist has a duty, a lawful responsibility to stop,” Lake Orion police posted, citing Chief Jerry Narsh and including the hashtag #‎obeythelaw‬.

Brown turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday after an arrest warrant was issued.

The 33-year old now faces one count of fleeing a police officer and one count of reckless driving. He is expected to appear in court on August 2. Given the fact that Brown also wrote his exact speed, he might be looking at a five-year felony.