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20 Jul, 2016 08:27

Pokémon stop! Driver immersed in game craze rams police car in Baltimore

Pokémon stop! Driver immersed in game craze rams police car in Baltimore

Watch and learn: this man was playing Pokémon Go when he crashed his SUV into a police car in Baltimore. And at quite a speed, too.

The video captured by an officer’s bodycam shows the policemen chatting, with everything calm until… WHAM! 

A passing Toyota RAV4 SUV slams into the patrol car, then drives on. Though not for long.

The officer wearing the bodycam approaches, and sees the driver (whose face is blurred).

“You guys are OK?” the serviceman asks.

“This is what I get for playing this dumbass game,” the driver answers miserably.

There were other people in the car. Luckily, none of them was hurt in the crash.

After the incident, the Baltimore Police issued a message for local residents, warning them to be vigilant when playing Pokémon Go.

“It’s a game, but it’s not a game when you’re behind the wheel,” Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith said at a news conference Tuesday. “This could have easily, easily been a tragedy.”

It’s not the first car crash related to the super-popular game, with dozens more incidents reported. A few days ago, a man slammed his car into a tree in New York, with police saying he was extremely lucky not to be seriously injured.

Nor is it the first car accident involving police. About a week ago, in Quebec City, Canada, police said two officers suffered minor injuries when a car reversed into their cruiser in a parking lot.

“The driver said ‘I’m sorry, I was playing Pokémon Go,’” local police said.