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12 Jul, 2016 23:51

‘Final nail in the coffin’: Green Party’s Jill Stein to RT on Sanders endorsement of Clinton

Bernie Sanders put “the final nail in the coffin” of his own political movement when he endorsed Hillary Clinton, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein tells RT. She says the “revolution” is now in the hands of a “counter-revolutionary party.”

Following Sanders officially dropping out of the race, Stein reminded RT viewers of her proposal to step aside in order to offer him the nomination in her Green Party.

“We have been offering Bernie Sanders, basically to sit down and talk and to explore how we might be collaborate, because I can’t give away the nomination,” Stein told RT, stressing that even though she cannot take the delegates’ role of assigning nominations, she “could certainly work with him for all sorts of possibilities, including leading the ticket.”

This could be possible, she said, if Sanders “truly saw the light,” meaning “the green light, that we do need independent politics.”

In Stein’s view, “the revolution is now being stuffed back into a counter-revolutionary party,” whose standard bearer, Clinton, she scorns for “leading the charge for Wall Street, for wars and for the Walmart economy.”

“Bernie said let’s forget the past, but I don’t think people can forget this movement that they’ve worked so hard to build,” Stein said, adding that on Tuesday “there were a lot of people who were watching this endorsement in complete and utter disbelief.”

Sanders supporters have taken to social media in a stern backlash against the former Democratic presidential candidate.

“They also can’t forget Hillary Clinton’s record, which is very much the opposite of what they have been working for the past year,” Stein says.

She says that after primaries in California where “it became clear that the Democratic Party was really shutting [Sanders] out,” her Green Party began to see people's interest surge. 

“We are seeing that now, in the last 24 to 36 hours as well, as people realize that the game is over,” Stein said.

“I think there are a lot of broken hearts out there among the Bernie campaign. A lot of people who are feeling burned by the Democratic Party, who are not going to simply resign themselves to an election that offers them either a billionaire, one hand, or a cheerleader for the billionaires,” she added.