Texas man with Koran arrested in courthouse for terrorist threat

A man bringing a copy of the Koran to judges at a Texas courthouse was arrested after allegedly making terrorist threats at a Dallas-Fort Worth area surgery center.

Police in Denton, Texas, told local media that a suspicious person arrived at a surgery center in Denton County around 8am local time.

The unidentified man then reportedly continued on to the Denton County Courthouse. When he arrived, he tried to go inside, saying that he wanted to give a copy of the Koran to the judge.

Police have not released an official report of the incident, but several lawyers who witnessed the scene told KDFW-TV that the man was wearing a robe and screaming threats at the judges.

He was approached by sheriff’s deputies and, after a short conversation, was detained. Police said that the man will be charged with making terrorist threats.

Officials said that a warrant has been issued for the man and that his vehicle was searched by a robot.

Nobody was hurt at any of the locations the man visited.