NYPD tackle stunned city cyclist for approaching Obama motorcade (VIDEO)

NYPD tackle stunned city cyclist for approaching Obama motorcade (VIDEO)
The Big Apple can be a dangerous place for cyclists, especially if Barack Obama is in town, as one poor New York peddler discovered when he was tackled by cops near the presidential motorcade.

The New York cyclist may think again before trying to reduce his carbon emissions on a Department of Transportation-backed Citi Bike, after he was knocked from the two-wheeler and onto the ground by NYPD police.

It’s understood that the green pushbike user was perceived as a threat to the president, who was in the city to appear on a comedy TV show.

Video footage of the incident shows the errant cyclist approach barricades close to Manhattan’s Park Avenue, where the president’s car was about to pass.

Seemingly oblivious to the presidential security measures, the man is suddenly accosted by law enforcement who tackle him to the tarmac.

Police handcuffed the man and he was hauled away for what authorities are describing as “disorderly conduct,” report NBC New York.

At the time of the incident, Obama was being driven through the city for a spot on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, where he ‘slow jammed’ the news alongside fellow guest Madonna.

Obama performed a jazzy number with host Fallon highlighting key points in his tenure.

Referring to Donald Trump’s campaign to replace him in the White House, Obama hit back with a veiled Netflix jibe that “orange is not the new black.”

He finished the jam with his now-apparent signature move - the mic drop. Although, this time he added a ‘cool’ new spin to the manoeuvre.