Cops hanging out in the doughnut shop say, ‘Way-oh, it’s National Donut Day!’

© Andrew Burton
With a holiday seemingly tailor-made for law enforcement agencies, police departments around the country took to social media to profess their love for the hole-y baked good.

With the #NationalDonutDay hashtag trending on Twitter, cops shared pictures of themselves enjoying their stereotypical favorite baked good.

Even police in Australia joined in the digital doughnut do.

Some places tried to rain on the police’s parade.

But others used it as an opportunity for some cross-departmental carousal.

Cops have been associated with doughnuts since the 1950s, when the baked goods were pretty much the only food options for those walking the beat late at night, Michael Krondl wrote in his book ‘The Donut: History, Recipes and Lore’.

“Graveyard cops... could pack lunch, pray for an all-night diner on their beat, or fill up on doughnuts,” former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper once wrote, according to Krondl. “Doughnuts usually won out. They were, to most palates, tasty, and they were cheap and convenient.”

Of course, police officers aren’t the only ones who love the fried dough with a hole: 60 percent of American households eat doughnuts, USA Today reported.