Critical Clinton: Candidate bashes Trump's policies, forgets to campaign for herself (VIDEO)

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton,  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump © Mike Blake, Jonathan Ernst
For someone who supposedly loathes Donald Trump, Democratic Party establishment candidate Hillary Clinton sure does talk about him a lot. In fact, she seems to know more about her rival's policies than her own, if a recent speech is anything to go by.

Clinton lambasted Trump while speaking in San Diego on Thursday afternoon, saying that "feeding global terrorist networks and defending the homeland takes more than empty talk and a handful of slogans. It takes a real plan."

But despite her efforts to slam Trump, she didn't seem to tell her supporters what she would actually do after moving into the White House. One could argue, it seems, that her speech was just full of "empty talk."

“As a liberal, I know that Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about foreign policy, and I know all the things that she said about him yesterday, which is fine,” RT America’s Ed Schultz said. "But, Hillary, I want to know where you stand ‒ and especially going into this California primary ‒ what your foreign policy is.”

“We know Trump isn’t qualified, we know he’s a bonehead, we know he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, and we know that his ego overrides everything that he does, and going on Twitter isn’t a policy,” Schultz added. “But with your experience, Mrs. Clinton, you should be at least able to tell us exactly what you’re going to do with the Middle East.”

“The question is this: How far are you willing to go to stop ISIS? And are you going to take California kids and put them on the ground in Syria? That’s what people want to know!” he concluded.