Man defends wife after attempted rape, now faces assault charges, possibly manslaughter as well

Man defends wife after attempted rape, now faces assault charges, possibly manslaughter as well
A husband rescued his wife from a potential rape and landed behind bars as a result. Earl Nash broke into a Bronx apartment and attempted to rape Nenegale Diallo, who called her husband, Mamadou, who ended up killing Nash.

Nash, 43, forced his way into the Diallo home where he attacked Nenegale, 51, who then called her husband. Mamadou, 61, returned to the building from his job as a Lyft driver and confronted the perpetrator as he attempted to leave, and the two proceeded to brawl in the hallway and elevator.

Nash was armed with a belt and Diallo defended himself with a tire iron, leaving the rapist with a fractured skull, from which he later died at Lincoln hospital, the New York Daily News reported.

Just weeks after being released from prison, Nash entered Claremont Village in the South Bronx and broke into the Diallo’s sixth floor apartment. Just how he entered the building or why it is still unknown. Nenegale answered the door, believing it was her son returning home.

Nenegale claims Nash forced his way inside and dropped his pants. She offered him money, but he reportedly told her, “I don’t want money; I’m going to rape you.

She told the Daily News that he ripped off her clothes and beat her with a chair.

He hit me too much. He takes the chair. He hits me in the head,” she said.

While it was going on, I was thinking I was going to die,” she added. “He tried to kill me.

Nenegale’s sister allegedly helped her escape without injury, but she had already alerted her husband. The victim claims that Nash was walking towards the elevator doors when she saw Mamadou. She told the Daily Mail, “I see my husband, I say, ‘That’s him! Don’t let him out!’

Nenegale claims that Nash threw the first punch at Mamadou, who corroborates her version of events. He is currently claiming self-defense. The Daily News reported that as he was led from the 42nd Precinct station house, he announced, “Self-defense, he threatened my wife.

Mamadou Diallo was arraigned on assault charges, but Assistant District Attorney Georgia Barker says that Diallo could be tried for manslaughter, because Nash was fleeing the scene and not actively attacking Diallo’s wife.

However, the District Attorney’s office may not receive much support from the Bronx if it decides to charge Diallo with manslaughter. Following his arraignment, Diallo was greeted by applause and cheers as he left the Bronx Criminal Court after being released on his own recognizance.

Diallo’s brother, Ibrahima, told the Daily News, “He was protecting himself,” and “This man said he’s going to kill him, kill his family.

Defense Attorney Anthony Michaels echoed this opinion, saying, “This was an attack on his family under extreme circumstances.

Nash had been released from prison on May 20 after trespassing inside a Manhattan building. A guard confronted him and claimed that Nash made a shooting gesture with his hand and said, “I will come back and take care of you.

Moreover, Nash has a lengthy criminal record that includes 19 prior arrests – including a 2003 case where he pleaded guilty to holding a 17-year-old girl captive for two days. Authorities said that she was sexually abused, stabbed, and suffered numerous injuries from beatings. Nash was convicted of unlawful imprisonment charges as a result.

Despite his criminal history, one friend said a few kind words about Nash. Gregory (Gucci) Williams told the Daily News that Nash was like a brother to him and that “He was one of a kind.

Mamadou Diallo is due back in court on June 27.