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25 May, 2016 22:00

Anti-Trump protesters confront police in Anaheim, California

Police are currently attempting to subdue protesters outside in Anaheim, California, following a rally for presidential candidate Donald Trump. The protesters, whose gathering was deemed unlawful, were reportedly throwing stones at police.

Even amidst traffic, protesters were being swept aside, as police lined up in rows, with some officers riding horseback.

Riot officers on horseback have regrouped and are gathering in front of the convention center, where the Trump event was held, as protesters refuse to leave.

Once the Trump rally ended, some protesters began to throw debris, prompting police to deem the gathering, which was not permitted, unlawful. From a sheriff's department helicopter, the orders to "disperse now" came with warnings of arrest.

A handful of protesters, some wearing bandanas over their faces, pushed the limit of the line formed by police, inciting more escalation.

Some cars in traffic were reportedly kicked or their windows hit, with some anti-Trump protesters throwing objects and lighting small fires.

Anti-Trump protesters have been confronted by his supporters. Some of them have gathered at a parking lot nearby chanting "Build the wall!"

It has become somewhat of a trademark chant of Trump supporters, though the wall itself is but a symbol for many of them, some of whom see Trump as a bulwark against globalist interests undermining US national sovereignty. That chant, bellowed from a crowd of Trump supporters in a parking structure to anti-Trump protesters outside, was met with projectiles and condemnation, with protesters deeming the Trump supporters "white nationalists."

More Orange County sheriff's deputies continue to arrive, KFI reports. The intersection of Katella Avenue and Harbor Boulevard remains partially closed, despite protesters being cleared from the streets.

The rally comes a day after violent protests broke out outside Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico.