Train derails in DC, leaks hazardous material (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Train derails in DC, leaks hazardous material (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
The DC fire service has issued a warning about a derailed train on the city's Rhode Island Avenue.

A number of wagons have left the track and there are no reports of any fires.

However, a substance identified by emergency responders as sodium hydroxide is leaking from one of the cars.

Hazmat fire trucks have arrived at the scene, while the area is being isolated.

As a precaution, Rhode Island Metro and Rhode Island Avenue have been shut down. The train was being run by the CSX transportation company.

One witness has tweeted a picture from the scene, showing at least two of the freight train’s carriages have fallen off the track.

“I was asleep when I heard a loud noise, then my apartment started to shake,” local resident Madison Johnson told RT.

Johnson said he believes petrol may have leaked from the train.

“I honestly was nervous about having a gas spill so close to the apartment. Emergency personnel are here. I was instructed back into my apartment when I went to outside to look.”