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23 Apr, 2016 22:39

Trump protester dragged from Connecticut rally in chokehold by cop (PHOTO)

Trump protester dragged from Connecticut rally in chokehold by cop (PHOTO)

Multiple protesters were ejected from a Trump rally in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with a police officer dragging one heckler from the building in a chokehold.

The chaos erupted during one of two Trump rallies held in Connecticut on Saturday. 

The first rally in Waterbury seemed to wrap up without incident, with a crowd of Trump supporters chanting “build that wall,” referring to the barrier the candidate has promised to build between Mexico and the United states if elected – while making the people of Mexico pay for it to boot. 

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At the Bridgeport event, protesters were escorted from the building before the rally even began, but the situation nonetheless escalated once Trump finally took to the stage. 

An eyewitness said a police officer was escorting a protester from the rally when the persistent heckler attempted to break free and run back into the crowd. The cop then put the man in a chokehold and proceeded to drag him out of the building. 

A Bridgeport police spokesman said that he was unaware of any arrests taking place following the incident, reports NYDailyNews

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Saturday’s protest was just the latest of many disruptions to plague Trump campaign events. Over 50 officers were called in to form a human barrier between Black Lives Matter demonstrators and Trump supporters on Wednesday. 

The two groups clashed outside a Trump rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with backers of the Republican front-runner responding to Black Lives Matter activists with chants of “Blue Lives Matter,” according to PennLive

The “near riot” had reportedly calmed down by 9:30 pm, however, and no arrests were made.