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Denver international airport partially evacuated over 'possible security threat'

Denver international airport partially evacuated over 'possible security threat'
Hours after a terrorist attack at an airport in Belgium, travelers were expelled from a section of Colorado's Denver International Airport due to a "possible security threat," authorities said. While flights are not being canceled, delays are probable.

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UPDATE: At about 5:50pm local time, the Denver International Airport tweeted that it would "get back to normal shortly" after a bomb squad determined there was no threat from the suspicious package.

Levels 5 and 6, which respectively facilitate arriving and departing travelers, from doors 500-510 and 600-610 have been evacuated by Denver Police, according to the airport's Twitter feed.

K-9 police dogs signaled for positive detections of suspicious material in a package, prompting alerts to go out to the Federal Aviation Administration and the Transportation Security Administration. The package was at a ticket counter at an outside check-in kiosk, ABC News reported.

"Unattended boxes" left by a counter "got a hit" from K9 dogs, according to NBC reporter Dan Linden, who tweeted: "Bomb squad responding," citing an FBI source.

American Airlines, Aero Mexico, Air Canada, Lufthansa and British Airways operate in that space. Because the ticket counters in that area are affected by the evacuation, the airport warned that flights on those airlines might be affected.

Both vehicle and pedestrian traffic are being rerouted from the west end of the main terminal.

A Vietnamese person is claiming the suspicious boxes are his, KDVR reporter Heidi Hemmat tweeted.