Rise of the machines: Super-agile cyborg takes first steps to global domination (VIDEO)

© Boston Dynamics
Google-owned Boston Dynamics scared the bejeezus out of the world this week by releasing video of its humanoid robot Atlas, a possible breakthrough for the cyborg takeover of Earth.

This is Atlas

Atlas, Google's next gen robot deals with human mistreatment

Опубликовано RT Play 24 февраля 2016 г.

In a video that is simultaneously mesmerizing and creepy, the newest version of the 5ft 9in (175cm), two-legged cyborg is shown navigating snow-covered terrain, lifting 10lb (4.5kg) boxes with ease, and resisting a human’s attempt to knock it over.

Engineers are also seen taunting and teasing Atlas by repeatedly knocking one of the boxes out of its hands with a hockey stick, which could backfire later if the robot develops revenge programming.

“It uses sensors in its body and legs to balance and LIDAR and stereo sensors in its head to avoid obstacles, assess the terrain, help with navigation and manipulate objects,” Boston Dynamics said about the 180lb (82 kg) machine.

The video ends with the robot opening a door and exiting the building, presumably to go plot the fall of mankind.

Earlier this month, the company showed off their four-legged robot, Spot, and, again, staff were shown repeatedly kicking their creation as it slowly built up a resentment for humans.