Entrepreneur of the Year: Girl scout sells cookies outside pot shop

© fosterbudspdx
A girl scout in the US city of Portland, Oregon showed some “business savvy” this week by selling her group’s iconic cookies outside a legal cannabis dispensary.

The girl was accompanied by her aunt who may have tipped her off to a condition known as “the munchies”.

Normally, her actions could have earned her a “pioneer” or “hospitality” badge, but the organization didn’t seem to support her.

"The Girl Scouts organization said they don't condone this, but it's not against the rules,” said the girl’s aunt to KATU.

A spokesperson from the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington said in a statement they recommend that a minor does not sell cookies outside a premises they cannot enter without being accompanied by an adult.

Still, we do have to admire her for thinking outside the (cookie) box.

The scout had a target of 35 boxes to sell and seemed to exceed it, even though there were lots of “special” cookies for sale inside.

The dispensary didn’t seem to mind the temporary competition, encouraging their customers to support the scouts by buying “those delicious cookies we all know and love.”