Shipping container sensation: Massachusetts man sings like an angel in storage unit (VIDEO)

© David Jeremiah Mullins
This shipping container singing sensation is not quite on the level of Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, but everybody has to start somewhere.

Bocelli may have honed his musical craft at the University of Pisa and in Italian piano bars, but it seems steel freight boxes could work just as well.

David Jeremiah Mullins was moving furniture into his new home in Massachusetts when the urge struck to belt out a classic hymn.

“I just got a new shipping container… 40ft long. I like the echo in it so I thought I’d try it out,” Mullins explains.

It turns out shipping containers have the perfect acoustics for singing and Mullins sounds more like he’s performing in Carnegie Hall than a metal box used to transport goods. In the video, Mullins uses his echoey surrounds to croon Ave Maria.

His impromptu performance has received thousands of views on Youtube.

The amateur vocalist has form in melting hearts with his gossamer voice. He previously sang Amazing Grace in a storage container in the woods.

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