Run, Bernie, run! Sanders sprints for Capitol train

Run, Bernie, run! Sanders sprints for Capitol train
A video showing Bernie Sanders running fast to catch a train has begun making rounds on the internet. The November video started going viral after the question of his fitness came up in American media.

The 74-year-old Democratic presidential hopeful can be seen running down the escalator to hop on a US Senate tram like the true Brooklyn native he is.

The video was shot in November, but  it began circulating over the weekend.

Last week Politico reported that David Brock, founder of Correct the Record PAC and a surrogate for fellow Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, would run an ad demanding that Sanders release his medical records prior to the Iowa caucuses on February 1.

Brock denied he ever planned to do that, but the issue of  Sanders’ health have garnered attention because he is the oldest candidate and, if elected, would be the oldest president in US history to take the oath of office.