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16 Jan, 2016 05:16

Denver FBI arrests one of its 10 Most Wanted: the ‘Scream Robber’

Denver FBI arrests one of its 10 Most Wanted: the ‘Scream Robber’

The FBI’s Denver chapter has arrested one of its most wanted fugitives, Myloh Mason, also known as the “Scream Robber.” The suspect is alleged to have donned a ‘Scream’ mask during two bank robberies in Colorado last fall.

There was a $100,000 reward for tips leading to his arrest.

“The capture of this dangerous felon means our community is safer, because we believe Mason would have continued committing violent crimes while he was on the run,” said FBI Denver Division Special Agent in Charge, Thomas Ravenelle, a statement.

The FBI said a SWAT team surrounded a Motel 6 on Friday, evacuated the building, and then called for Myloh Mason to come out with his hands up.

Mason, 25, along with two others, is believed to have robbed at least two banks in Lakewood, Colorado last fall while wearing costumes and masks from the movie Scream. The horror movie masks are loosely based upon Edvard Munch’s famous 19th century painting, The Scream.

According to the FBI, during the first robbery, which took place in September, the alleged suspects “shoved guns in the faces of bank tellers and told them they would die unless they opened the vault.”

In a second bank robbery, which took place in November, agents say Mason and two others wearing bright green and white skeleton masks “allegedly brutalized tellers, and got into the vault.” During their getaway, the FBI said the robbers left in a stolen car, abandoned it for an SUV that then went off the road, and ultimately carjacked a vehicle in front of a man’s home. Agents allege that the suspects stole over $50,000 and “allegedly shot two innocent people” during the getaway.

Mason was arrested on charges of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated robbery, attempted second-degree kidnapping, first-degree assault, and second-degree assault. He also faces a federal charge of a convicted felon in possession of a ballistic vest.

An FBI source told Denver7 reporter Jennifer Kovaleski that agents learned where Mason was through “good ol’ fashion police work.”