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15 Jan, 2016 01:22

Trump has found himself some cheerleaders (VIDEO)

Trump has found himself some cheerleaders (VIDEO)

The USA Freedom Girls are here to pump you up. The young trio sang at a Donald Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida. They really crush on the GOP presidential hopeful – and sing about crushing America’s enemies.

The star-spangled performers warmed up the crowd at Wednesday night’s rally on the Florida Panhandle with their catchy song-and-dance number Freedom’s Call, with a tune reminiscent of the World War I song Over There (or Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty).

“Cowardice, are you serious? Apologies for freedom, I can't handle this!” the girls sing (or rather lip-sync). “When freedom rings, answer the call! On your feet, stand up tall! Freedom's on our shoulders ‒ USA!”

The three young ladies ‒ Alexis, Bianca and Izzy ‒ are part of a quintet girl group based out of Marco Island, Florida. Their forte is “American patriotic music,” according to their website. “Our songs will melt your heart and lift your spirits!!”

The group’s manager, Jeff Popick, penned the lyrics inspired by both Trump and General George Patton, he told PRWeb.

“Enemies of freedom, face the music. Come on boys, take them down! President Donald Trump knows how to make America great. Deal from strength or get crushed every time,” the song says.

Originally the song mentioned Patton, but Popic tweaked the lyrics after watching Trump declare his candidacy and declare, “I will find the General Patton…” to fight Islamic State.

Popick isn’t a new fan of Trump, either. In an interview with Time on Thursday, he praised the real estate mogul’s smarts and nose for victory.

“I’ve been a fan of his for decades. He’s got a great heart and a brilliant mind,” Popick told Time on Thursday. “He has a methodology for success and winning that’s second to none. To me, he’s always just been an inspiration.”

“Ameri’tude ‒ USA! American pride ‒ USA! It’s attitude, it’s who we are, stand up tall,” the girls sing. “We’re the red, white and blue. Fiercely free, that’s who! Our colors don’t run, no siree.”

The #USAfreedomKids love Walmart Naples - 6650 Collier Blvd. Thanks #Walmart for making today's video shoot a blast.

Posted by USA Freedom Kids on Monday, October 19, 2015

The girls, meanwhile, ride around the Panhandle (an area nicknamed the “Redneck Riviera”) in a pink stretch pickup truck to answer “freedom’s call” wherever it might be found.