Snakes & bladders: Oregon man steals python by shoving it down pants (VIDEO)

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The term “Trouser snake” may have earned a whole new meaning after an Oregon man stole a two-foot-long python from a pet store by shoving it down his pants.

CCTV footage from A to Z Pets in Portland shows the man approaching a snake tank at the back of the store, where he reaches in and grabs the $200 ball python before stuffing it down the front of his pants.

Store owner Christin Bjugan told FOX News the snake was one of the store’s "rarest reptiles." He also hinted the thief’s actions could have resulted in unwanted side effects.

"He’s lucky it wasn’t feeding day," Bjugan said. "Feeding days are on Mondays. And they’re very hungry."

Police have yet to apprehend the slippery thief, but it is hoped he won’t slither his way out of theft charges.

"We know who did it," Bjugan told AP. "We know where he lives, we know where he works, we know all about him and his girlfriend. We’re just waiting to get our snake back."