Twitter uses #IfIWereACop hashtag to take jabs at law enforcement

Twitter uses #IfIWereACop hashtag to take jabs at law enforcement
#IfIWereACop is trending, and it is providing equal parts humor, wish fulfillment and social commentary to Twitter users.

Twitter account @WorldOfHashtags created the hashtag as its part of its weekly event.

Many took the opportunity to criticize police, accusing them of being unaccountable and behaving violently toward innocent suspects, particularly minorities.

Others expressed their support for police officers, noting arising from situations on the job and from the current climate of public scrutiny.

Though the entertainment value of the social media phenomenon was eclipsed by tweets demonstrating allegiances to political causes, some users tweeted from a lighter angle. Perhaps ignoring the rigors and responsibilities of the position, many users tweeted about their fantasy scenarios they’d like to have as cops.

Others just played the hashtag for laughs.