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8 Jan, 2016 00:05

Little Lamborghini that could: Sportscar fights San Diego flood and wins (VIDEO)

Little Lamborghini that could: Sportscar fights San Diego flood and wins (VIDEO)

El Niño caused havoc on the streets of California, but one Lamborghini took on the floods head-on, making the bigger cars on the road look a little lame.

It isn’t clear whether it was insanity or an undeniable urge to show off that made the driver risk his expensive set of wheels, but whatever the reason, it paid off.

A video posted on YouTube captures the Lamborghini Gallardo in traffic as it approaches an intersection. It follows an SUV to beat the queue of cars waiting for the lights to change.

The intersection is badly flooded, but that doesn’t stop the two cars from powering through. 

The Lamborghini is soon submerged up to its windshield wipers, but it keeps going behind the SUV. It then moves up beside the bigger car as they wait for the lights to change.

Both cars take off when the lights change, but the Lambo struggles to gain traction as the SUV splashes it with water in its wake. As the lights go green, the fancy car keeps going, winning the battle of nature vs machine...for now. 

The video ends as the cars escape from the water, but we bet the Lamborghini driver made sure to pass his competitor once on dry land.

Perhaps it’s no surprise the little car braved the flood, either, as the first Lamborghinis ‒ dating back to 1948 ‒ were actually tractors.