Supersized fast food attraction to replace world’s largest McDonalds

Supersized fast food attraction to replace world’s largest McDonalds
The world’s largest McDonalds is shutting its doors in the US and will be succeeded by an even bigger restaurant, almost double the size.

One less outlet peddling fast food in a country where health agencies are struggling to cut the flab from the population’s bulging waistline might not seem like a great loss.

However, in its place, Oerther Foods Inc. plans to throw up a “new, state-of-the-art replacement” after closing their French Fry Box shaped restaurant in Florida.

Dubbed an “entertainment McDonalds,” the new eatery will be located on International Drive and, when finished, will encompass 19,000 square feet.

Tills are expected to be up and running by February, report the Orlando Sentinel, but the attractions inside remain a closely guarded secret.

The modern palace of fast food replaces the dated 1976 structure nearby, which up until now has served high calorie meals like Belgium waffles, Peanut Butter Explosion Cake and Mighty Wings.

Federal agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention count obesity as a “serious and costly” problem, with around 78.6 million adults, or 34.9 percent of over 18s, having a body mass index higher than 30.

A glance at the McFun calorie count shows how the Bacon Clubhouse Crispy Chicken Sandwich accounts for nearly half the 2,000 recommended daily calorie intake for women.

Meanwhile, the McDonalds serving of 40 McNuggets contains a whopping 1,880 calories.

Pictures comparing the old and new establishments have surfaced online.

Oerther Foods Inc. will hope to improve upon a particularly disparaging review by one TripAdvisor user.

“This piece of trash felt like when Disney gets stuck in the Twilight Zone and everything is [the] opposite,” a grumpy reviewer posted two days ago.

“Felt like an abandoned Chucky Cheese, all the murals weirded me out.”